Leadership Covenant of OUMC

(“ACTS” Leadership Principle)  

Availability: must invest time for specific ministries and general church ministries.  Having a good heart and conviction alone can’t make our ministry grow. Effective ministry require time investment. (Tithing your time)  

  • Leaders must be available for:
    • All Church Council meetings (if applicable) to make good decisions for church.
    • All given specific committee meetings and carrying out its responsibilities.

Commitment: no divided commitment but wholehearted commitment to God and church ministry.

  • Committed to prioritize your area of church ministry responsibilities.
  • Committed to accountability. (Reporting, communicating, completing tasks, and supporting other members by your presence at meetings.)
  • Committed to preserve unity of the church by acting in love toward other members.

Teachability(Humility to learn from God and others): “Pride” can break the church in half and cause deep hurts and pains in our relationships. (Great abilities with greater humility can bring greatest glory to God.)

  • Learn to be a servant to God and others.– Humble in attitude, words, and actions.
  • Learn to handle challenges/problems with humility.
  • Submit myself to church vision, goals, and beliefs.

Spirituality : This quality is the most important quality of a leader. Being a spiritual leader is to depend on our living God and be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

  • Be passionate in growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Love others as Christ loved us. (Exercise Christian character)
  • Apply spiritual principles in our decision makings.
  • Worship on Sundays, pray, dwell in the Word regularly, and be obedient to Christ.