Spiritual Warfare

“Reality of Spiritual Warfare”

7 Week Sermon Series

Sundays, September 29 – November 10, 2019

Is there really a spiritual war? If we don’t, we will       engage the wrong enemy. Instead of fighting the      powers of Satan, we will target other humans, often with hatred and violence. Spiritual warfare is a present reality in our war-torn world. There are principalities and powers, often unseen, which influence and distort what is true about God and His Creation.

As followers of Christ, we do not need to fear these things. Rather, we are called to live in the truth of who we are in Christ, being filled with God’s Spirit and power, to come against and resist the strongholds.

The messages address the various aspects of  spiritual battle such as unveiling the nature of Satan/demons and their tactics and weapons.  Also, we will discover what exactly is our role in the spiritual war that rages all around us while we believe that the battle belongs to the Lord.

Sunday Worship at 9:30 am
Small Groups after Sunday worship: 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM  (Sign up needed)