Ladies Bible Study: Four Great Loves

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Our Ladies Bible Fellowship will be resuming on Tuesday, September 19th, at 9:30 am! We are very excited to see what this year holds for us as we dive deeper into God's Word and His amazing love!

We are going to begin our year studying Four Great Loves by Judith Allen Shelly. Ms. Shelly serves as a resource director of Nurses Christian Fellowship, a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Loves make the world go 'round, at least that's how the old song goes. But we live in a broken, love-starved world. The Bible gives us hope and  encouragement. It reveals that we are to be a loving community. Come join us as we study God's Word to see how to be a loving community in God's eyes, for his purposes in his world.  

All ladies are welcome to join us for prayer and study!